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Study Spaces include the tables and chairs located throughout the library which will seat from 4-6 students. The library offers 31 pods for quiet study; 12 singular and 3 duo pods on the first floor, 16 singular pods on the 2nd floor. There are also 7 study rooms available; 4 study rooms which seat from 4-6 students and 3 study rooms which include collaboration stations that will accommodate 6-14 students. Students are also welcome to use the 16 computers located upstairs in the open lab.

Study pods are first-come first serve and do not have a time limit on their use.  Study rooms can be reserved but if no one is using them you are welcome to use them.  Study rooms have a 2 hr use limit, strictly enforced during mid-terms and finals.

Click on the link below to reserve a study room.

Study Room Reservation Form