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DRAM 1330 (King) - Stagecraft I: Cite your sources

Introduction to Theatre

MLA Citation Assistance

For this assignment, you will need to use the MLA Style Manual to create your in-text parenthetical documentation and your bibliography at the end of your paper. This Manual is available for checkout in the library. Citation guides are also available on the M.P. Baker Library website.

NoodleTools Express is recommended as a free citation generator.


Plagiarism: From the Latin plagiarius, meaning "kidnapper." Copying or closely imitating the work of another writer, composer, etc., without permission and with the intention of passing the results off as original work. In publishing, copyright law makes literary theft a criminal offense. At most colleges and universities, plagiarism is considered a moral and ethical issue, and instructors impose penalties on students who engage in it. Plagiarism can be avoided by expressing a thought, idea, or concept in one's own words. When it is necessary to paraphrase closely, the source should be documented with a parenthetical citation and listed in the references at the end of the paper. 

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