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Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT): Cite your sources

Quick guide for resources for MLT students.

MLA Citation Assistance

For this assignment, you will need to use the MLA Style Manual to create your in-text parenthetical documentation and your bibliography at the end of your paper. This Manual is available for checkout in the library. Citation guides are also available on the M.P. Baker Library website.

NoodleTools Express is recommended as a free citation generator.


Plagiarism: From the Latin plagiarius, meaning "kidnapper." Copying or closely imitating the work of another writer, composer, etc., without permission and with the intention of passing the results off as original work. In publishing, copyright law makes literary theft a criminal offense. At most colleges and universities, plagiarism is considered a moral and ethical issue, and instructors impose penalties on students who engage in it. Plagiarism can be avoided by expressing a thought, idea, or concept in one's own words. When it is necessary to paraphrase closely, the source should be documented with a parenthetical citation and listed in the references at the end of the paper. 

MLA Citation Examples

Basic format: 

Name of the author, editor, compiler, or translator. Title of the work (italicized).  Publisher, Publication Date.

Example –           

Franke, Damon. Modernist Heresies: British Literary History, 1883-1924. Ohio State UP, 2008. 

Smith, Tumbleweed. Under the Chinaberry Tree. Eakin Press, 2002.


Basic format:

Author. “Title of article.” Journal title volume.issue (year of publication): Inclusive pages. 


Piper, Andrew. “Rethinking the Print Object: Goethe and the Book of Everything.” PMLA 121.1 (2006): 124-38. 

Basic format:

Author. Title of website, Other contributors (translators or editors), Publisher, Publication Date, Location (pages, paragraphs and/or URL, DOI or permalink). Publication date, URL, Date of Access (if applicable/required by professor).


Felluga, Dino. Introductory Guide to Critical Theory. Purdue U, 31 Jan. 2011, Accessed 28 Sept. 2023.

WebMD Editorial contributors. Understanding Athlete's Foot : The Basics. WedMD, 16 April 2023,

Basic format:

"Video Title" YouTube,uploaded by content creator, upload date, url


"Doja Cat - Agora Hills (Official Video)" YouTube, uploaded by Doja Cat, 22 Sept. 2023,

"I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr HD (subtitled)" YouTube, uploaded by Rare Facts, 7 Nov. 2017,

"quote from book" (Author, pg 5)

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