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Copyright & Fair Use: DMCA

This guide provides information concerning copyright in the academic setting.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act1 (DMCA) was signed into law by President Clinton on October 28, 1998. The DMCA is a dramatic change to copyright law in that it updates the copyright law for the digital environment. It also implements two 1996 World Intellectual Property Organization treaties.

Two parts of the DMCA are of particular importance to Panola College: the limitations on infringement liability for "service providers," and the prohibitions on circumvention of technological protection measures. (TPMs)

Limitation on Infringement Liability for "Service Providers"

Title II of the DMCA (section 512 of the Copyright Act, as amended, enacted on November 3, 1998) establishes certain limitations of copyright infringement liability for online service providers (OSPs). The DMCA provides protection from liability if certain actions are taken by the college and also provides takedown procedures for materials on our web servers.

To be protected under the DMCA Act we have also developed and posted our copyright policies.