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Graphic Novels available at M. P. Baker Library

What is a graphic novel?

Graphic novels are books that tell a story but use art (pictures) to tell the story.  They can be fiction or nonfiction.  

There are many different types of graphic novels!  Please drop by the library to check out our collection.

Non-Superhero Stories

Types of Graphic Novels

The Japanese word for "comic" but in the US is used to descript Japanese style comics. Manga is read from top to bottom and right to left as this is the traditional Japanese reading pattern. Though, technically Manga refers to Japanese comics, many think Manga refers to a style rather than the country of origin.

These books are typically shorter than traditional graphic novels.  These are serialized stories meant to be read over several weeks, months, even years.  At M. P. Baker, we have several serialized comic book that were reissued as books so you can complete the story rather than waiting for the next comic book to come out.

These graphic novel highlight or feature protagonists with superhuman, paranormal, or magical powers.  Think Spider-Man or the X-Men . . . 

These graphic novels have protagonists wo are more like real people.  Think Komi Can't Communicate or Absolute Boyfriend

These graphic novels are biographies or autobiographies told through art.  

These graphic novels are history books but use art to tell facts.


Where are the graphic novels?

Graphic Novels are on the 2nd floor, at the very end of the stacks.  Go the very end of the tall bookshelves and then head to the corner.

If you can't find them, just ask any library staff member and they will help you find them.

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