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Library Services: Library Policies

General guide to all things M. P. Baker Library.

Who can use the M. P. Baker Library?

The following categories of users are eligible to check out materials from the M. P. Baker Library:

  • Currently enrolled students at Panola College (includes early college high school and Panola College dual credit students)
  • Persons enrolled in the GED program at Panola College
  • Persons enrolled in continuing education courses at Panola College
  • Faculty and Staff currently employed at Panola College
  • Retired faculty and staff of Panola College
  • Persons presenting a valid TexShare Library Card
  • High school students, who are residents of Panola, Shelby, Marion, and Harrison counties, are younger than eighteen years of age, and have a consent form cosigned by a parent or guardian. This does not refer to dual credit or early college students but traditional high school students not enrolled in any type of college courses.

What is "The Reserve"?

Items in "The Reserve" are items Panola College professors/instructors want readily available for students.  Items on reserve are for in-house use only and have a 2-hour limit.  This ensures all students have an equal opportunity to view/use the item.

If you need an item from "The Reserve" just see the library staff at the Circulation Desk.

You can also see items currently on reserve here: Course Reserves

Do you have any quiet spaces I can use to study?

Of course!  But please keep in mind, this is a modern library so you will hear plenty of noise especially during library programming.

How many items can I check-out?


  • 4 books (any combination of print, audio, reference or circulating reserve)
  • 2 movies
  • 1 laptop/Chromebook

TexShare Members/Retirees

  • 2 books (any combination of print, audio, reference or circulating reserve)
  • 2 movies

Cool Library Card?

  • Faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students may use their campus ID as library cards.
  • Local patron cards are issued to retired faculty and staff of Panola College and to high school students under 18 years of age from Marion, Panola, Harrison, and Shelby counties who are not dual credit students with Panola College and have their parents’ consent, and to Panola College GED and/or CE students because they are not issued Panola College Student ID cards.
  • TexShare cards are honored for all other local patrons in place of a local patron card.

When is my stuff due?



  • 2 weeks with 1 renewal
  • Patron must wait 7 days after renewing book to check-out the same book again


  • 1 week, no renewals

Mobile Devices

  • 1 semester at a time (it does not matter when in the semester the item is checked out, it will be due by the last day of the semester.)

How do I return my stuff?

Returning Books and Movies:

The library has a 24-hour book return just outside of the building.  You are welcome to drop off your books in that return at any time.

Returning mobile devices and equipment:

Just inside the library building, on the side facing the music building, there is a set of lockers you may use to return mobile devices and other equipment.  If you choose to use the locker system, please email the library so we know to retrieve you item from the lockers.