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About: Library History

Information on the history of M. P. Baker Library and available services.


Who was M. P. Baker?

M. P. (Marvin Pearce) Baker was the third president of Panola College.  He served as president from 1951-1967. 

Notable accomplishments during his presidency:

  • Racial integration of campus
  • Doubling of enrollment
  • Starting Pony Athletics including basketball, track and field, and baseball
  • Construction of several new buildings: Monk, Fine Arts, Library, dorm/residence hall, "SUB" - student center

History of M. P. Baker Library

The current M. P. Baker Library was originally built in 1965 under the presidency of M. P. Baker.  In 2009, under the presidency of Dr. Gregory S. Powell, the library  was renovated and expanded.