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Student Engagement Collection: High Tech

Guide to tools and techniques in the Student Engagement Collection (SEC).

Do you strive to be the best professor ever?  Do you wish you had cool gadgets and toys to help with student engagement?  Do you love technology?  Do you hate technology?  The Student Engagement Collection (SEC) is for you!

Located in the M. P. Baker Library, you have access to many new tools and techniques for engaging today's students!  Explore the collection in person in the library or play around with this libguide!

Contact Dr. K. Rutherford ( or Ms. J. Green ( for more information and tools.


What: Plicker set of 30 cards

How to use: Create questions and insert them into Class Queue. In class bring up questions in Plickers account. Then start Plickers mobile app. Ask questions and then scan cards that students hold up in the air. The results will be displayed in the app.

Call Number: SEC 378.002 P972p Set #1/Set #2 (shelved with the SEC books)

Me First Game Show Buzzers

What: Set of 12 gameshow buzzer.

How to use: Have students pick up one buzzer per table or student.  Then ask questions, and go with who answered 1st, 2nd, etc.


Call Number: SEC 371.33 T768 BOX #1


QCLICK Classroom Response System

What: Classroom response system with individual student remotes (32). Integrates with PowerPoint.

How to use: 

The included QClick software integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint

Once your lesson is ready, use the instructor remote to control the presentation and to advance the slides; the remote also doubles as a laser pointer. Each student has his or her response remote or assigned to a group. Each remote has an identification number that is preset by the instructor. Answers are collected and recorded within seconds and downloadable to track progress. All remotes feature backlit-LCD screens and 32 alpha-numeric characters. The radio-frequency receiver connects with your computer via USB.

For QClick software and manuals, visit and

Call Number: SEC 371.33 Q999 Box #5

Qball Pro

What: Microphone and light surrounded by foam ball

How to use: Ask questions and then toss the Qball to a student. Student will speak into the Qball.  The student’s voice will be broadcast to the computer speakers.

Call Number: SEC 378.002 Q999q Box #6