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Student Engagement Collection: Low Tech

Guide to tools and techniques in the Student Engagement Collection (SEC).

Do you strive to be the best professor ever?  Do you wish you had cool gadgets and toys to help with student engagement?  Do you love technology?  Do you hate technology?  The Student Engagement Collection (SEC) is for you!

Located in the M. P. Baker Library, you have access to many new tools and techniques for engaging today's students!  Explore the collection in person in the library or play around with this libguide!

Contact Dr. K. Rutherford ( or Ms. J. Green ( for more information and tools.

Calling on Students (Cards)

What: One poker card set per class

How to use: Write a student name on the card. Then shuffle them. Draw a card and ask the student a question. Easy way to take attendance, if they pick up their cards when they get to class.

Call Number: SEC 795 P332 Box #2

Calling on Students (Balls)

What: One bag of plastic balls per class

How to use: Have students pick up one plastic ball at the beginning of class. You can then use them to randomly ask questions. For example: if you have a green #1 ball, here is your question. You can also use the colors to sort the students for group activity – Students with yellow balls will work at this table, while students with red balls will work at that table.


Whiteboard Classroom Sets

What: Whiteboards are used to encourage learner responses in class.  Whiteboards can be used individually or as a group.  Each set has 32 whiteboards, pends, and erasers.

How to use: Students are given a whiteboard, a pen (dry-erase marker), and an eraser. Learning objectives are met via learner written expression. Responses can be shared with the class or used as a personal erasable writing surface during class.

Whiteboards can be used: 

  • As individual or group responses during activities in class.
  • To show work with math equations, chemical interactions, student creative expression, and more!
  • With the versatility to allow students who may be hesitant to speak in class.
  • To engage learners and provide an alternative media of communication.
  • To support kinesthetic learning and visual expression of understanding to encourage universal design and student learner flexibility with engagement.

Call number: SEC 371.33 U66 (Box #4)

2 sets available

Table Stands and Response Cards

What:  A table stand with sets of response decks used to encourage student responses in class using faculty-preselected response cards.

How to use: 

Step 1- Stands and decks chosen for the class are placed on the students’ desks.

Step 2 - Students discuss appropriate responses, and when the students have selected an answer, the student/team indicates by “clipping” the clothespin to the ring on the top of the stand. (This step helps decrease the likelihood that students will choose a response based on what others around them are selecting and showing).

Step 3 - Once all students have indicated they have arrived at an answer, the instructor will signify it is time to post their selection. All students/groups simultaneously show their responses, and the instructor processes the answers as a discussion or moves to the next question.

Call Number: SEC 371.33 T113